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Saturday, February 4, 2012


This file is optional, it is up to you if you want it.

Works with Konami DLC update v2.00


  • Classic England
  • Classic France
  • Classic Germany
  • Classic Italy
  • Classic Netherlands
  • Classic Argentina
  • Classic Brazil
  • All players have real names
  • Appearances for notable star players, scans and builds
  • All have kits from their good era e.g. Classic France kits are from 1998
  • Rivaldo added to game

  • In order for this option file to work you must have all classic teams unlocked and all classic players unlocked (1100 GP) needed.
  • Physique 3 needed from Extra content.
  • Please do not touch any classic players hairstyles unless you have all special hairstyles unlocked, if you do touch them without unlocking all special hairstyles then their hair will go default e.g. Zidanes hair will go back to default long. So as i said try not to touch the hairstyles of classic players just to save you from buying them all.
  • Copy PS3 folder ONLY to your USB.

Size: 8.55mb

Works with Konami DLC update v2.00

New update contains:
  • 8 new player faces
  • Lucas Moura added
  • African Cup of Nations kits added including new angola adidas kit, Mali and Guinea
  • Newcastle "Virgin Money" sponsor added
  • Lots of appearance and boot updates for players
  • Revamped green adidas goalkeeper shirts
  • New fantasy shirt for NVL (its up to you if you want to copy that)


If you have not done so already, download and install my main base PES 2012 Option file found here on this site and all my other PES 2012 updates.

Please remember copy all files to your PS3 and overwrite all files so as the Option file doesnt corrupt in future updates.

If there are any players you have created in PES 2012 that you don not wish to lose Please safely note down "YOUR" player stats, appearance and basic settings so as you do not lose them due to this update, once this update is installed simply re make that player/players.


  • Betonstyle
  • Nemisiskidd
  • Charlie14
  • Mighty_Mag
  • Georgethejungle
  • Umbroboy

Size: 8.8mb

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Works with Konami DLC update v2.00
  • 12 new faces for improved authenticity
  • Tweaked player numbers and shirt names
  • New "Budweiser FA cup" Logo added

  • Download and install all other Nemisiskidd PES 2012 Option File for full and better experience and read instructions carefully.
  • Copy all files in this download just like all other patches to your PS3.

size: 8.29mb

Special thanks to:


Monday, January 9, 2012


Works with Konami DLC update v2.00

for Nemisiskidd PES 2012 Option File BLES-01406

*Procedures for copying is the same as the other patches

*For full experience please download and install al other patches starting with the 1st main (PES 2012) one on this site.

*Only for BLES-01406

This update includes:
  • Henry for Arsenal
  • Scholes for Manchester United
  • Updated Hamburg kit
  • updated hairstyles for Rooney, Messi, Oxlade Chamberlain and many more
Henry and Scholes have built appearances(may not look spot on) with correct accessories and reasonable stats, these players will be removed after Konami January transfer update as KONAMI will put these players in with presets.

size: 7.52mb